Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Mary Thrasher presents AU NATURAL June 4 – August 26 Harris Corporation Art Gallery at the King Center for the Performing Arts

Melbourne, FL – A collection from area photographer Mary Thrasher, entitled Au Natural, will be on display in the Maxwell C. King Center's Harris Corporation Art Gallery from June 4– August 26. The exhibit will feature over 20 pieces of framed photographic work of nature, animals, and life in general. The exhibit may be viewed by ticketed patrons attending King Center main stage performances.

Mary Thrasher is Florida raised and has been a nature lover for most of her life. Her stomping grounds are in the beautiful state of Florida, where she photographs anything and everything. On these photo trips, she’s always accompanied by her husband, along with her traveling troop of canines; three aussies and her faithful whippet. Besides photographing the great Florida outdoors, Mary’s other passions are training and showing dogs for AKC Performance events.

All of the artwork will be available for purchase. For additional information on the exhibit, please contact Karen Wilson at 321-433-5717.

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