Saturday, February 10, 2018

St Augustine Artist Dara Dodson Showcases Her Poured Acrylic Art at Ocean Art Gallery

FLAGLER BEACH, FLOn Friday, March 2, 6:00-8:00 pm, Ocean Art Gallery will reveal Dara Dodson’s most recent acrylic paintings that evoke strong emotional senses. Kicking off an exhibit that will run through March 31, guests first will be treated to large palm trees observed from below in a collection Dodson calls “Looking Up.” Accompanying the palms will be Dodson’s poured acrylic paintings of the ocean, all of which are offset by classic white frames. Everyone is invited to the art opening at 206 Moody Blvd. (SR100) in downtown Flagler Beach, across the street from the city’s First Friday “Music in the Park.”

Influenced by the Hudson River School of artists, Dodson loved the realistic, yet romantic, quality of their paintings that capture the light and touch the heart, but likes to use more color. After moving to Northeast Florida in 1989, the sun, sand and ocean moved her to start looking for ways to depict them through a different style of painting. “My inspiration became our earth’s beautiful oceans; depicting the movement, emotions, and moods of the water while aiming to bring attention to the beauty and life of our oceans and the need to keep them clean and healthy.”

Dodson discovered the new method she was looking for, so now, using fluid acrylics, pouring and pushing the paint on the canvas to depict the movement, and then torching to bring out the personality, she creates semi-abstract paintings of the ocean, using beautiful blues and greens, plus metallic, in what she calls “Ocean Meditations.” This work is at once exciting, maddening, calming, and yet exhilarating. Dodson’s poured acrylic art has become very popular. She often hears comments from buyers, such as, “I can feel my toes getting wet just looking at them; I can almost feel the ocean spray; and I want to dive right in!”

In what gallery owner Frank Gromling call a perfect synergy with Dodson’s ocean-themed art, Dr. Jim Hain, head of the Marineland Right Whale Project, will play alto and bass flute for the enjoyment of guests during the Reception.

As part of her month-long exhibit, Dodson will conduct a Poured Acrylic Demonstration in the gallery at 4:00 pm on Saturday, March 10. This free demonstration by the artist will show how to properly mix the paints, pour them onto the canvas, move them into desired images, and torch them to obtain the perfect result. Seating is limited to 15 for the demonstration and reservations at 386.693.4882 are required. 

Admission and parking for the Reception and Show are free, with the gallery’s parking lot accessed from N. 2nd Street between N. Central and N. Daytona Avenues. 

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