Saturday, January 27, 2018

Foosaner Art Museum update


Statement Regarding Foosaner Art Museum
Friday, Jan. 26, 2018
On Friday, Jan. 26, the Florida Institute of Technology Board of Trustees determined that the continued operation of the Foosaner Art Museum at its current location, 1463 Highland Ave., Melbourne, is financially unsustainable. The Board of Trustees asked the administration to develop a plan to sell the real property and relocate the art collection.
University administration will develop a plan to relocate the art and sell the real estate and will report to the Board of Trustees in April. The university will also address appropriate ways to continue honoring the support of past museum donors.
Florida Tech acquired the former Brevard Art Museum in 2011 after a $1 million gift from the Foosaner Foundation and Dee Negroni-Hendrick. Upon taking ownership of the museum, the university spent approximately $1.8 million to bring its facilities up to code. 
Activities at the museum, including exhibitions, special events and classes, will continue as scheduled until further notice.

Here's a link to the Florida Today article about this...  click here

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