Wednesday, June 7, 2017

New Members at Fifth Avenue Art Gallery: Joe Thompson and Frits Van Eeden

Fifth Avenue Art Gallery is pleased to announce the recent addition of two new members, Joe Thompson and Frits Van Eeden.  

Joe is a self-taught artist from Vinings, GA, and a prior member of Fifth Avenue. He is considered to be a world class sculptor by many collectors, writers and critics. Having begun his carrier with found objects, he developed a habit for finding cheap materials and using these materials to inspire his pieces. Joe sums up his work by saying: “I go to my shop everyday and give ART a place to happen. I feel like if I am there waiting, eventually my subconscious is going to deliver something great. You just have to be diligent and keep the faith. Endurance is more important than Truth!”

Frits has a long and rich background. He is an internationally recognized artist who was the first member of the “Pulchri Studio” admitted to more than one discipline. After participating in shows at the “Pulchri Studio” Frits participated in group and one-man shows throughout Europe and Asia. A trip to the United States gave Frits the opportunity to see the work of students at Harvard. After this experience he began his semi-annual visits to Florida. Under a grant from The State of Florida, Frits was give the position of Artist-in-Residence at the museum and served on-and-off as a major instructor for 30 years. Frits is currently recognized by many of the World Art Critics and shows often in Europe, The Caribbean, and the United States. At last count he has participated in nearly one hundred single and group shows.

Fifth Avenue Art Gallery is enriched by the addition of these two outstanding artists to their membership and looks forward to years of partnership with them both.

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