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FLAGLER BEACH, FLOn Friday, June 2 emerging artist Kristen Kutay will experience her first art opening reception when she will be featured at Ocean Art Gallery for a month-long exhibit of her mixed media resin and acrylic paintings. The reception is from 6 to 8 pm and the exhibit will run through June 30. The downtown Flagler Beach gallery at 206 Moody Blvd is the first gallery to showcase Kutay’s artwork in the young artist’s blossoming career.

Kutay and her husband, Tim, live in Palm Coast where she has an in-home studio. A self-taught artist since her youth, Kutay has experimented with a variety of methods, techniques, materials, and paints, most recently settling on a mixed media process of blending resin and acrylic to produce high-gloss paintings. Working on wood panels, she creates works that have been described as looking like the earth as seen from space. Her use of brilliant colors and flowing designs often generates intense energy and emotion in the viewer, coupled with a feeling that each image is a special place that must be visited and enjoyed.

Always an adventurous type and lover of nature, Kutay and her husband just returned from Europe where they enjoyed hundreds of visual inputs that inspired new imagery for her art. As a committed conservationist, she reuses her tools and purchases products that withstand the wear and tear without resorting to disposable items that will land in the trash. Kutay searches for artist products that are less toxic for her and the environment, with her resins being environmentally and eco-friendly. In some paintings, she incorporates elements from the natural world, as well.

Gallery owner Frank Gromling said, “When I met Kristen at the gallery I was impressed by her passion for nature, something I share, and her keen sense of color and form in her paintings.” After talking further and seeing several more of her pieces, Gromling knew he wanted to provide her with her first gallery opportunity. For Kutay, it is a dream come true. After a serious health challenge during the past year, she was seeking that singular opportunity to re-start her life in a way that would negate all of the pain and angst she had endured. She said, “I feel as if my life is back on track and I have been given an enormous blessing, which comes with the responsibility to deliver my very best art.”

Everyone is invited to the June 2 Opening Reception, which will occur simultaneously with Flagler Beach’s First Friday event across Moody Blvd in Veterans Park. Friday night is a great dining night in downtown Flagler Beach and Ocean Art Gallery is right in the center of the activity, with over 10 restaurants within four blocks. Admission and parking for the Reception is free, and the gallery’s parking lot is accessed from N. 2nd Street between N. Central and N. Daytona Avenues. 

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