Saturday, February 18, 2017

King Center seeks Volunteers

The King Center is seeking a few good able bodies on a volunteer basis to help with the monthly gallery installations and take downs.  Below follows a brief outline of the requirements.  

Interested candidate(s)  may complete a volunteer application using the following link:

If there is interest for volunteer opportunities in other areas of the King Center,  full and complete King Center application, and orientation process will have to be followed. 

Gallery Volunteer:
 How You can support local artists exhibits at the King Center for the Performing Arts Harris Gallery
  • You already have a passion for the visual arts…by doing this you are supporting local artists
  • There are many benefits as a King Center volunteer
  • Selected volunteers will be asked to provide valid email address, home and mobile numbers
  • Selected volunteers must be flexible because:
    • The gallery schedule is subject to change after the master schedule has been issued
    • These activities typically occur on Mondays beginning around 9:30 am through noon
    • The times do vary and typically don’t go past noon
  • The installation includes that you can stretch, measure, climb a ladder and re-focus the  lighting
  • Volunteers willing to support the gallery will at times be asked to monitor the public viewings. Times will vary
  • The artists are responsible for ensuring the exhibit meets with the guidelines set by the King Center gallery coordinator and Center Executive Director
Do let me know if anything else is needed to assist you in facilitating the above request.
Again, many thanks for your continued support of the King Center and local artists.

Karen Wilson
Director, Theatre For Youth Program
Coordinator, Harris Art Gallery
King Center for the Performing Arts
Eastern Florida State College
3865 N. Wickham Road
Melbourne, FL 32935
PH:  321-433-5717
FX:   321-433-5817
Web address:
My email address is:
I can also be reached at:

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