Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Child's Play, A Journey Into Imagination at Fifth Avenue Art Gallery

Exhibit dates: January 31 - February 26, 2017

“Child’s Play, A Journey Into Imagination” opens on January 31st at Fifth Avenue Art Gallery. This collection of work will reflect the most recent work of Lisa Mistiuk, a Michigan artist. Mistiuk has studied art from Germany to San Francisco, turning her skills into strong oil paintings with an emphasis on the elements that make up our everyday lives. There will be a First Friday Opening Reception at the gallery on February 3 from 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm. Unfortunately, the artist's talk has been cancelled. Lisa will donate a percentage of earnings from her show to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central FloridaBig Brothers Big Sisters of Central Florida matches volunteer one-on-one mentors with at risk boys and girls in Brevard. 

“...one of the things I love about capturing pieces of life in paint - it really gives me a chance to reflect and absorb things and share them. With so much done today by the push of a button it’s nice to slow down and take time over something. In painting there isn’t a button to push - you must invest time. First the time in learning all the technical ins and outs - which takes years, then time searching for that special subject matter and finally the time that goes into each piece of art” says Mistiuk.

Brian Sherwin, an art critic says this of her work, "Lisa Mistiuk brings a lot of painterly skills to the table... she meshes styles and subjects in a way that is uniquely her own. She is clearly an informed student of painting. Her focus on everyday life -- specifically her works involving children -- allows her to capture the energy of the 'here and now'. In fact, one could suggest that these paintings serve as a form of social documentation... reminding viewers of their own cherished experiences."

The exhibit will run from January 31st through February 26th.

Fifth Avenue Art Gallery is in the Eau Gallie Art’s District in Melbourne, FL.

Fifth Avenue Art Gallery
321-259-8261 1470 Highland Avenue, Melbourne, Florida 32935  http://www.fifthavenueartgallery.com

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