Monday, May 16, 2016

Stop, Look and Listen - A Digital Art Show with Jerry Hanzl and Barry Schoenholz

Who:       Barry Schoenholz and Jerry Hanzl
What:      Stop, Look and Listen - A Digital Art Show
Where:    The Harris Gallery at the Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts
When:     June 6th through June 26th
Why:        For the love of the arts
Camelot by Jerry Hanzl
Planning by Barry Schoenholz
Stop, Look and Listen - A Digital Art Show
    The King Center presents Barry Schoenholz and Jerry Hanzl, in a photography show like you have never seen before, ‘Stop, Look and Listen, on display in the Harris Gallery from June 6th through June 26th.
  Barry Schoenholz is a fine art photographer with a different point of view. He specializes in creating images that derive from a photographic process that melds with the visions in his mind and forms a nexus between reality and the creativity of his mind. His pieces are original and go beyond what you would expect.  He calls his artistic process Digital Fusion.

  Barry is a retired educator from New York and Michigan by way of Texas, where he earned a degree in fine art specializing in traditional black and white photography and digital imaging.  He also holds an earned doctorate from Hofstra University. His website is

 The Digital Art of Jerry Hanzl evolved out of his diverse backgrounds in computers and photography, along with commercial and fine art. He was educated at the Cooper School of Art, Control Data Institute and the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. Now after many years of learning, Jerry tries to blend all of his skills into a medium that can only be understood as “painting with photography on a digital canvas."

  Jerry is an award winning photographer, freelance artist, one of the founders and the creative director at Art Gallery of Viera, which is celebrating its 7th anniversary. His website is .

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