Monday, May 2, 2016

Lost and Found at Fifth Avenue Art Gallery in May

Exhibit dates: May 3-29

Come and see if you can find all the ingredients! Fifth Avenue Art Gallery is proud to announce "Lost and Found," an invitational exhibit of assemblage art. Each of the 25 participating artists has been provided with a different set of materials. They must use everything included to create a work of art. The viewer will get a look at the "kit" each artist started with and the finished artwork. Can they make something marvelous from the mundane? Two awards will be given, one for the MOST CREATIVE and one for the MOST UNIFIED ARTWORK. Each will receive a $100 award.

There will be an opening reception on First Friday, May 6, from 5:30 pm through 8:30 pm. Come, meet the artists and see if you can spot the original materials to be found in each work.

Fifth Avenue Art Gallery
321-259-8261 1470 Highland Avenue, Melbourne, Florida 32935

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