Saturday, February 27, 2016

Cindy Michaud says Good Bye to Brevard

Melbourne artist Cindy Michaud says "good bye" to Brevard and "hello" to the High Country as she makes permanent her move to the Linville/Blowing Rock area of western North Carolina this week.  "I've loved Brevard," she admits, after living here for 38 years, "but it is time for a new adventure and the mountain of Seven Devils called."  
Last summer Cindy opened a studio off Highway 105 in Foscoe, NC next door to long admired potter Maggie Black (  
The Crossnore Gallery of Fine Arts began carrying Cindy's work several years ago and sponsored her solo show there last summer.  "We won't be away forever," Cindy reassures,  "after all we have family and very dear friends here, I can't imagine not visiting. Besides, I know that our corner of Carolina is a vacation destination for many Melbourne-ites....we expect to see many visitors up our way."
You can reach Cindy at or stop into her studio at 212 Clubhouse Drive in Foscoe, NC.  If the flag is flying, she is open!

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