Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Touch of Clay with Suzanne Parisien Frank at the Harris Corporation Art Gallery - King Center for the Performing Arts

                         January 11 – January 31                        

 The unique clay sculptures of internationally acclaimed artist, Suzanne Frank will be featured in the Maxwell C. King Center's Harris Corporation Art Gallery from January 11th – January 31st as she presents “A Touch of Clay” at the Center for the Performing Arts. This exhibit may be viewed by ticketed patrons attending King Center main stage performances. Ms.Frank will be in attendance at some of the shows to personally guide you through her art works.

Suzanne Parisien Frank studied human anatomy in depth and began making fine figurines from porcelain, white clay and terra cotta.  Her works included, but are not limited to, nudes, flappers, ghostly spirits, floral designs, children, busts, animals, candelabra, and vases, all of which are hand made and built from the vibrant and creative drive that you see in her work. No two sculptures are alike! An array of her art work can be viewed on-line at For more information, please contact Karen at (321) 433-5717.

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