Friday, December 4, 2015

Featured Artist for December at Art Gallery of Viera is Susan Kennicott

Art Gallery of Viera is proud to announce our featured artist For December
Susan Kennicott

Susan Kennicott says:

I came out of a Midwest farm community known as Gin Ridge where the natural beauty, colors and contrast instilled a deep appreciation of my life and surroundings.  My paintings inspired by these gifts of nature grow themselves.  Each stroke is like a seed that begins to grow.  The sprouting twists and turns never knowing a certain path which reflects how my floral paintings grow.  Along with my abstract florals I love painting animals and wildlife.  Perhaps this is a result of the many hours traipsing through the hills, woods and countryside.  

I studied art at Western Illinois University and benefited by workshops I attended as I moved throughout the country with my husband and son.  My art has been featured on the covers of an international nursery catalog,  collected nationally and internationally and have won local and international awards.  I have been commissioned not only for portraits of family and pets but also my florals have been commissioned to match specific color schemes.  Along with creating art I love creating artists!  Teaching budding artists to me is so rewarding especially when you see the light suddenly go on in the student and they understand what has been evading them.

Just as nature evolves so does my art.  I am always ready to explore new and different ways to express what is in my mind and soul.  We never know what is around each corner and leaving us open to explore keeps us forever growing just like the seed!

The New Era of Fine Art in Viera

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