Wednesday, August 26, 2015

One Word at Fifth Avenue Art Gallery

Exhibit runs: July 28th - August 29th

One Word, an interactive exhibit, currently at Fifth Avenue Art Gallery closes this Saturday the 29th. This is your last chance to try your mind at matching the list of words with the artwork. What happens when you ask artists to use their talents to express “one word“? Come in and experience the exhibit for yourself.

Each of the participating artists received a three word list from which they picked their “one word”, and have used their creativity to express that word. This very important, one word is the title of their creation. The interactive part of the exhibit happens when viewers try to match the artwork to the correct title. It may not be as easy as it sounds. All artwork titles will be hidden from view until the matches have been made. 

This exhibit will close at the end of business on Saturday, August 29.

Fifth Avenue Art Gallery
321-259-8261 1470 Highland Avenue, Melbourne, Florida 32935

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