Friday, June 19, 2015

The Mystique of Batik at Art and Antique Studio and Gallery in July

JULY 2015


Art and Antique Studio and Gallery, 1419 Highland Avenue, welcomes art lovers to a display of “Watercolor Batik” during their July show.   Phyllis Marple, Beth Kring, Sherry Gorey, Debbie Whalen, and Barbara Rios give you an inside look on how this mysterious approach to watercolor is done from start to finish.

    You won’t want to miss the unusual representations from these gifted artists.  Phyllis Marple heads an experimental/creativity class that offers insight to this approach to watercolor, and other creative styles on Tuesday of each week.  Contact Phyllis at 321-960-8076 for details.  

Courtyard Studio is part of the top Galleries in Brevard County and a must visit in the art district.  

Website:  this long-standing gallery welcomes artists, or groups, to showcase their talents.  If you wish to  make Art and Antique Studio and “EGAD” Eau Gallie Arts District part of your portfolio please contact Therese-Payne Ferguson 321-253-5553 for more information.  If you are a teacher or instructor and would like to teach at the Courtyard Studio please contact Phyllis Marple at 21-960-8076 or e-mail: for more information. 


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