Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Art in the Wind

There’s a nice surprise waiting for you as you approach the Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts:  art flags!  

The current exhibit, “Southern Accents,” features art quilts made by members of SAQA, (Studio Art Quilt Associates.)  In support of this area SAQA members decided to decorate the covered bridge used to access the textile center.

14 artists created 22 sets of flag panels, each with five flags.  The concept is loosely based on Tibetan prayer flags, which have a similar shape and grouping format.  The idea for the Tibetan flags is that good wishes are stitched in as the flags are made.  As the flags degrade in the weather it is thought that those good wishes are released into the universe. 

The flags will remain up as long as they hold up.  Hopefully, that will be until the end of the Southern Accents exhibit, which runs through August 22nd.  It’s featured at the Ruth Funk Center for Textiles on the Florida Tech campus in Melbourne.  Hours  M-Sat., 10-4, Admission free.

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