Friday, April 3, 2015

Damien Share at the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery in April

Opening Reception: April 3, 5:30 to 8:30 

Brevard's own Damien Share will have the front gallery at the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery for the month of April.

Damien has a well-known exhibit spot on A1A.   He is there every Sunday morning with original works and prints, painting and talking with buyers who own many of his pieces and are looking for more.  How did it all start?   By studying original work by Norman Rockwell in his formative years, Damien recognized that being an artist meant having a job and supporting a family with lots of hard work and flexibility. He went for the brass ring and never lost sight of the prize.

Art fits his life style of healthy living, surfing when the waves are performing, and being present for parenting activities. “I like to think that art is not about competing but cooperating with fellow artists.”  You will find opportunities to buy Damien Share's work only in Brevard County. He works exclusively in acrylics,   which give the work a bold look. Every piece ties him to water, be it ocean or the Lagoon. Prepare yourself for an exciting show and an opportunity to talk to an authentic ‘surfer artist’.

View Damien’s art at 

The Fifth Avenue Art Gallery, the premier member gallery in Brevard County, was established in 1975. It is artist owned and operated. The gallery is located in EGAD, the Eau Gallie Arts District of Melbourne, across the street from the Foosaner Art Museum. 
Gallery telephone number is 321 259-8261.

Artwork: Clutching Palms, Damien Share

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