Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Workshops: Grunge In with Jodi Ohl and Funky Little Beach Houses with Jodi Ohl

Grunge Ink with Jodi Ohl
June 19th, 10:00am -4:00pm
Art More Place, 150 East Dr., Melbourne

Are you the intrigued by experimental art? Does letting loose and letting things ‘flow’ excite and scare you at the same time? During this action packed and fun filled class we are going to create a variety of Inked up abstracts on an amazing surface which will allow you to add, subtract, draw, drip and more as you create one of a kind grungy abstract mixed media art pieces. Learn how to create compositions that begged to be touched and leave your viewer wondering ‘how did they do that?’!!!! The creative energy you will bring to class will literally assist in the act of ‘transformation’ each and every piece from one stage to another. Be ready for exhilarating exercises, bring your fearless artistic self, and come prepared for hours of grungy inky fun and creative experimentation!
This class is for those who are fearless and love to experiment, or for those that want to be more adventurous in their art. We will be working on Yupo paper and incorporating a variety of acrylic inks, paints, India ink and tons of special effects to garner intriguing and luscious layers in our contemporary abstract works.
Funky Little Beach Houses by Jodi Ohl
June 20 and 21
Art More Place, 150 East Dr., Melbourne
Whether you are from a small town or a big city, living on the coast or hanging out in the Midwest; perhaps across the pond in a country far and away….one thing we all have in common is neighbors, friends, and our community big or small. Imagine if all the houses we drive by or walk towards had personalities as big as the people that reside in them. If only the siding could talk and the doors opened to an imaginary world that you create. The houses, trees and flowers surely would have stories to tell, perhaps of love and friendship, adventure, and maybe even a little chaos. It all is a matter perspective, and that perspective will come from you, as you create with me your own “Funky Little Beach Scapes”. When I say little, that is just a term of endearment. I encourage you to create a painting in a scale as grand as you care too. It’s a ‘miniature’ world you will be bringing to life full of color, doodles, texture, layers and more. *We will be working on 2 paintings 16 x 20 or larger
**This is an advanced version where we will get to work on our Funky Little Beach Scapes over 1 1/2 days which will be plenty of time to really fill your paintings with tons of colorful details, quirky elements, whimsical words, and doodles galore!

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