Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Making Cold Process Soap with Pat Cunningham

Making Cold Process Soap with Pat Cunningham
February 28th @ 9:00am - 3:30pm
Art More Place, 150 East Dr., Melbourne 

Morning Session 9:00- 12:00 Class time, Q & A and demo include:

Introduction to old fashioned cold processed soap

Terminology and chemistry of turning oils to soap

Measuring out ingredients using weight versus volume

Understanding Lye, lye safety and making soap

Designing a recipe and using online resources

Using on-line Lye Calculators: hands on practice using the instructor’s lap top with screen

Unmolding, cutting and curing of soap

Demo from Instructor making a 1 lb. batch basic recipe

Lunch 12:00- 12:30

Afternoon Session 12:30 – 3:30 Workshop Labs

Hands on lab # 1: make a basic uncolored recipe for a 1 lb. loaf and create the soap

Hands on Lab #2: design a new recipe adding color and fragrance, do calculations and then create the soap

Hands on Lab # 3: do a recipe with 4-6 oils, 3 color swirl techniques and a fragrance or essential oil.

Each of the first 2 labs will take approximately 30-45 minutes

#3 lab will take a full hour.

Each participant will leave the workshop with all the soap they created to cut and cure at home. Each participant will learn and understand basic lye safety procedures, lye calculation procedures the basics of pouring, coloring and molding, the saponification values of all the oils they can use at home, as well as tips to get them started making soap at home on a regular basis for personal use. Each participant will be given a workbook to take home with everything covered in the workshop.



****Participants should come to the workshop wearing the following safety attire: Long sleeve shirt, long pants, closed toed shoes and an apron. Without this attire they cannot perform the labs.

Safety goggles and long gloves will be provided. Hair nets are optional.

Sherri Otcenasek

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