Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Gems and Jewels Workshop at Art More Place with Lynne Suprock

  Gems and Jewels…with Lynne Suprock
May 26th 1:00pm- 4:00pm
Art More Place, 150 East Dr., Melbourne

Class Learning Objectives Will Include:
  1. Working with two part silicone molding compounds and molding jewelry pieces
  2. Working with transparent resins and adding colorant and tricks for hastening dry time
  3. Working with casting resins and adding colorant
  4. Working with mica powders and dry brushing and color with them
  5. Drilling resin
  6. Assembling new jewelry into wearable pieces
Teacher To Supply:
  1. Molding compounds
  2. Resins
  3. Colorant
  4. Mica/dusting powders
  5. Assorted jewelry focal pieces to mold (students encouraged to bring rhinestone pins, earrings etc, also)
  6. Jewelry findings
Students Should Bring:
  1. Small artists brushes for detail work (2-3)
  2. Non stick craft mat
  3. Rhinestone Jewelry pins, earrings, etc (flat pieces work best rather than domed pieces)

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