Friday, February 20, 2015

COCOA MAIN STREET Announces the launch of THrowback THursdays in Cocoa Village

New shopping and dining campaign successfully launched February 12, 2015

In an effort to reinvigorate the local economy in Historic Cocoa Village, Cocoa Main Street has partnered with local merchants to launch “Throwback Thursdays,” a unique shopping and dining campaign which began last week.  

“This is an incredible opportunity for Cocoa Main Street to support local businesses and showcase our dedication to the continued economic improvement of Historic Cocoa Village,” explains Ken Wilshire, Cocoa Main Street’s New Executive Director.  “And we want the community to know that we (Cocoa Main Street) are active and are gaining some exiting momentum.”

“Throwback Thursdays” officially began this past Thursday, February 12, 2015 with over 20 merchants pledging to extend their normal business hours to 8:00PM every Thursday night.  Their signed pledges kick-started their involvement in this unique program, and participating merchants reported the opening evening to be a notable success.  Merchants engaged in the program have agreed to stay open later on Thursday evenings and offer exclusive ”Throwback” discounts only available during the event.  Many of the initial participants are also involved in Cocoa Main Street’s VIP Discount Card program, and discounts offered for “Throwback Thursdays” are additional to those on the VIP card. 

 “This project marks another important milestone in the Cocoa Main Street’s commitment to economic development in the downtown district and is a testament to the support of new ideas from a growing number of merchants in the area,” declares Cocoa Main Street’s Treasurer and subcommittee chair, Dr. Dan Ezell.

The purpose of the Cocoa Main Street program is to continue to enhance our community identity and heritage, foster a center of activity and ensure economic stability for the heart of Cocoa through concentrated efforts of design, promotion, organization and economic revitalization.

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