Monday, January 12, 2015

Ellen Lindner’s “Carefree” Wins Big

Ellen Lindner’s quilt, Carefree, proves you can do just about anything with fabric that you can with other art media.  Her depiction of skipping teenagers recently won Best Pictorial at the World Quilt Show – Florida, in West Palm Beach, FL.

Although the background of Lindner’s piece is printed, she carefully collaged fabric to create the three people.  Stitching was the final component, adding definition and texture. 

Speaking about the piece, Lindner says, “For me, some of the appeal is the subject:  my son and two of his cousins skipping down the road on my parents’ farm.  I think Carefree captures the universal activity of cousins being playful, as well as the personal story of my own family.”

More of Ellen Lindner’s award-winning work may be seen on her website,

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