Monday, November 3, 2014

Joanna White exhibits her work at Daytona State College: Looking Isn't Seeing

EXHIBITION: Joanna White, “Looking Isn’t Seeing” 

LOCATION: Daytona State College, News Journal Art Center Gallery, 221 North Beach Street, Daytona Beach, 32114

DATES: Now through January 14, 2015

HOURS: Monday Friday, 9 am 5 pm

RECEPTION: November 13, 5 7 pm

 Melbourne artist Joanna White will be presenting a solo exhibit of her sculpture and installation art at Daytona State College’s News Journal Art Center Gallery on view now through January 14th.  The college will host a reception on Thursday, November 13th from 5 7 pm, with the artist in attendance to answer questions and speak on her work.

 White, who has lived in Brevard County since 1986, is also Assistant Professor of Art at Eastern Florida State College, where she has worked since 2005.  The artist has exhibited across the United States, and has been featured in several solo and museum exhibits.  She holds an MFA in Studio Art from Florida State University with a concentration in Installation a form of art that is intended to transform a space.

 “I like to surprise the viewer,” says the artist. “I like to take advantage of unexpected locations for my work within a space.  The DSC gallery offered a lot of exciting quirks in the layout/architecture, which allowed me to play with the arrangement of my work.  For example, I have one piece which is suspended from the railing of the second story, and cascades down to the first floor, where it coils and undulates on the ground.  Another piece is ‘hidden’ in a corner near the stairwell, so you would encounter it as you turn the corner and walk up the steps.”

 White’s artwork is composed from square folded paper boxes, which are connected either visually or physically to form larger organic forms.  She combined discarded materials, such as junk mail, post it notes, or her students’ abandoned drawings with fragile materials like onion skins, thread, and clear plastic.  Much of her work investigate contradictions of materials and form, which play into concepts of paradox, irony, and wonder.

 This exhibit features several of her “Curtain” series, which are suspended, veil like constructions composed of many small units. The curtains imply separation – barriers or dividers, yet remain open, suggesting incompletion and partial concealment.  Having a sagging, cloth-like appearance from a distance, they dissolve into hard-edged geometry when examined in close proximity.  The vertical, segmented orientation of the pieces reflects ladders or pathways, timelines, and progressions. These hanging curtains slice the space vertically, redirect movement, and create a layering of forms, whereby more than one curtain is viewed at once.

 The exhibit and reception are free and open to the public.  Free parking is available at the News Journal Art Center.  More information is available at or by calling 386–226–1913.  

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