Thursday, October 16, 2014

Art Gallery of Viera announces: Holiday Gift Shop and Featured Artist Helen Wheatley

Who: Art Gallery of Viera
What: the Holiday Gift Shop and November's Featured Artist
When: Opening Saturday, November 8th, reception from 6-9 pm.
Where: Art Gallery of Viera, at The Avenue, Viera - between J. Grace & Co. and The Avenue office.

Art Gallery of Viera will kick off the holiday season on Saturday, November 8th, from 6-9 pm.   The Opening Reception for Art Gallery of Viera's Holiday Gift Shop is always a big hit.  Shoppers flock to snag the perfect, unique gift for anyone on their shopping list.  The event features a demonstration by Ed Carlson, a free drawing, light refreshments and a few surprises!   November featured artist is Helen Wheatley.

Helen Wheatley is an artist who loves to explore various styles and mediums. Her thirst for artistic growth has driven her to study with a multitude of local and nationally known artists. This vast exposure has deeply affected both her and her artwork. Her journey has led her to work in watercolors, mixed media, collage, acrylics, sculpture and Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) in styles that range from realistic to abstract and from two-dimensional to three-dimensional. Helen has won numerous awards for a wide selection of these works.

Helen enjoys sharing her passion for art by doing demonstrations, teaching classes and offering an occasional workshop. She has held a number of volunteer positions with the local art leagues and takes great pride in having resurrected the Central Brevard Art Association‘s Youth Scholarship Award program.

Helen was offered the opportunity in 2009 to create an art gallery in an out of the way location, so she and a handful of other artists jumped at the chance and opened Art Gallery of Viera. A year later, the gallery moved to The Avenue, Viera and over the last four years it has blossomed into a thriving hub of artistic activity. Helen is one of three artists who have been on the board of the gallery for its entire existence.
Helen is committed to continuing her art experience as well as promoting the enjoyment of art throughout the local and virtual community.

I’ve always felt a need to create. As a child I’d collect and assemble sea shells to form whimsical animals, bits of dried materials to create dioramas of forest scenes, scraps of wood to nail together creating sculptures, and clay from the beach to make more animals. Art classes in school were always my favorite but I didn’t really get to express my passion until after a long, frustrating stint as a worker in a soap factory. (A few animals I carved from bars of soap found their way to the boss’s desk but I didn’t dare admit to carving them) A corporate down-sizing became a god send when it led my husband and me to move from Maryland to Florida after losing our jobs. Here, I finally learned how to paint. Receiving top awards in the first art competitions I entered served to fuel the fire that was growing inside me. Art is now my life and almost everyone I know is involved in the art world. I am both inspired and challenged by their creativity and talent. The myriad of artistic opportunities that are available locally satisfy my thirst to learn and evolve. I cannot tell you what I will be doing next as I will only know when it finds me. I am on the ride of my life and I’m throwing my hands in the air and enjoying the thrill of the moment!”

Helen is a member of: Brevard Cultural Alliance, Central Brevard Art Association, Florida Watercolor Society, International Society of Experimental Artists, Strawbridge Art League and Titusville Art League.

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