Thursday, October 2, 2014

Book Signing at Art and Antique Studio and Gallery - Phyllis Reiser Stone


Friday, October 3, 2014

6:30 pm – 9:30pm

Meet and Greet Author

Phyllis Reiser Stone

Phyllis was nine when she began writing short stories in notebooks. She also entertained her younger brothers with stories, and put on skits with them to entertain their family. When in sixth grade she wrote and directed a play which was performed for her classmates.   In her senior year while living in Long Branch, New Jersey Phyllis joined the Journalism class at Long Branch High and was chosen to be the co-editor of the school newspaper in the second semester. This gave her opportunities to write editorials after a semester of writing news as a reporter. The newspaper later won awards with the Columbia School of Journalism. She also helped write and coordinate the school year book in her senior year.  Although unable to attend a college to continue her education in journalism, she continued to write short stories and plays. A short story about her dog Scotty was published in Guideposts magazine in 1952. A Christmas play she wrote but did not publish was performed in her church. She currently has a short story, “Rent-a-Granny” to be published in Driftwood, a local publication. This is her first published novel.  As an Army Brat, Phyllis moved often.  Books were her friends and she enjoyed historical novels and cozy mysteries. She decided to try creating a cozy mystery after she toured a turn-of-the century house that had the potential as a bed and breakfast. 

Synopsis for “The Haunting of White Horse Inn”

A financial crisis forces Linda Rogers, a recent widow, to make a life changing decision. She agrees to become the innkeeper for a pre-Civil War mansion on the banks of Lake Michigan. The mansion needs extensive renovations before it can become a Bed and Breakfast. When Linda and her daughter Amy first inspect it for the owner they are disheartened. The house looks spooky with vines and spider webs everywhere; shutters hang at odd angles and paint is peeling on the windows. When inspecting the inside of the mansion a sudden noise sends them fleeing. Mysterious noises and lights almost convince Linda that it really is haunted as the townspeople believe. However, her faith in God helps her determination to continue. Linda and Amy make the acquaintance of a young security guard named Rick Vandermere. After their move into the mansion, while moving shelving in the formerly locked basement room, they discover a secret underground tunnel. It appears to have been used recently. Who is using it? And why?  Is this the reason for the mansion’s haunted reputation? Who are these mysterious guests who book reservations at the mansion and wander at night? Did Linda’s decision put them in danger?

*Free Admission – Light Refreshments will be served

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