Monday, August 11, 2014

Galleri Schaeffers Gate 5 presents The Suitcase Show—Art from the Endangered Everglades

Local artist Kathy Garvey in The Suitcase Show- Image by Kathy Garvey

Artists In Residence In Everglades (AIRIE) brings artists, writers and composers to Everglades National Park for month-long residencies in the subtropical wilderness.

Artists Jane Abrams, Danielle Austen, Marion Belanger, James Branaman, Bill Brody, Shannon Bueker, Carol Carter, John Costin, Rebecca Daugherty, Dian Disantis, Mollie Doctrow, Danni Downing, Lisa Elmaleh, Krista Elrick, Kathy Garvey, Darlene Harris, Ailyn Hoey, Isabella Jacob, Mary Keithan, Susan J. Klein, John Louder, Pedro Lujan, Ron Morosan, Betsy Popp, Rebecca Reeve, Diane Wilkinson, Bryan McGovern Wilson, Jing Zhou.

Curated by Irene Christensen and Donna Marxer

Galleri Schaeffers Gate 5 Exhibition Opening Wednesday 27. August 18h-21h (6-9pm)
Exhibition Dates: 27. August until 7. September 2014
Wed, Thur, Fri: 15h -19h (3-7pm), Sat & Sun: 12h-17h (Noon-5pm) or by appointment

Galleri Schaeffers Gate 5 in Oslo is very pleased to present this important exhibition of various works on paper and running videos by 28 USA-based artists, all inspired by the Everglades in South Florida, home to North America’s only biological national park.

AIRIE’s purpose is to inform, connect, and support those artists, writers and musicians seeking inspiration by the Everglades, who then also become ambassadors for the Park and its resources.

AIRIE partners with Everglades National Park staff to offer month-long artist residencies in the Park’s subtropical wilderness. At least twelve AIRIE Fellows per year live and create new work in the Park, and in return lead interactive activities with visitors and donate artwork to the Park.

AIRIE connects Fellows with the worldwide cultural community to bring attention to this unique and endangered part of our national and global heritage. AIRIE’s programming features a year-round calendar of events both in the Everglades and outside the Park, including readings, performances, workshops and lectures. Through these outreach events, Fellows use their art forms to engage the public, showcasing the Everglades as inspiring, important and worth protecting. AIRIE Fellows have the unique opportunity to get to know the ecology of the Everglades by being immersed in it, and then share their perspective through creative public programs. “In a park known for its spectacular and diverse wildlife, the art and voices of AIRIE artists reveal other unique, and often missed, dimensions of this special place,” remarks former Park Superintendent Dan Kimball.

AIRIE ( is a not-for-profit organization This exhibition is made possible by the Louis C. Skinner Foundation, Inc. and the Knight Foundation, and with the support of Everglades National Park.

Following the Oslo exhibition, The Suitcase Show will also travel to The Puffin Foundation in New Jersey and The Tohawus Center in Au Sable, Adirondacks, NewYork, eventually to end its tour at the Ernest Coe Gallery in Everglades National Park.

For additional information please contact Irene Christensen (+47) 481 53 183
Or Donna Marxer 212-966-5212 or gallery director Mark Steiner Galleri Schaeffers Gate 5, Schæffersgate 5, Sofienberg, Oslo • • Tel. (+47)45 218078

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