Monday, June 30, 2014

Richard Auger at the Fifth Avenue Art Gallery in July

The Fifth Avenue Art Gallery is pleased to announce their July exhibition; the  photographs by award-winning photographer Richard Auger. His show is entitled: 'Florida Noir Nature Series'.  

Richard states that there is something magical about the woodland, swamps and backroads of Florida; twisting trees through wood bridges, large birds, an abundance of wildlife and even horse farms; all with an almost haunted, mystical quality.  Florida shares much of its landscape characteristics with other parts of the South, but has its own ecosystem. He finds Florida to be enchanting and loved by its residents.

The Fifth Avenue Art Gallery will be open on July 4th  10:00 to 8:30 pm as part of our First Friday event.  They will be serving hot dogs after 5:30. Art and Antique will be open till 8:30 with it's July show 'America the Beautiful' and  will be serving watermelon after 5:30. Off Center Arts will be open with its show, "Extreme Weather".

For more information please call the gallery at 321-259-8261
Photo: Richard Auger,  

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