Saturday, June 7, 2014

Brevard Art News implements Friends of Brevard Art News

 Friends of Brevard Art News

I have been working hard to redesign Brevard Art News to accommodate the information you've been sending in. During the restructuring of it, I have decided to do away with the sponsor ads and implement a program called Friends of Brevard Art News.  

As you can see, there is a tab under the header called Friends of Brevard Art News. Please click on it to get information about this new program and to join at any time. 

Friends of Brevard Art News is a voluntary program. It is not mandatory. I will continue to post your information with equal care whether you join or not.

The intent of the program is to give you a way to support Brevard Art News and bring some attention to your individual website, your gallery, your museum, your shop, your organization or whatever website you want me to make your member badge click to.  Here's how it works.

  •  In the right column, click on the Click to Join button. It will take you to the PayPal button (to pay by PayPal or credit card). It costs $24.00 per year to belong.  (If you don't want to pay through PayPal or credit card, email me at for information about where to send a check. 

  • After you join, I will make a badge for you with your name on it or the name of your organization or gallery (two short lines of text are possible for the badge and the title. For example, you can see, I used my top line to say Lou Belcher's Blog and the badge says the name of the blog: Before You Write.). 

  • You will email me the address of the website or blog you want me to send people to when they click on your badge. 

  • I will post the badge and let you know that it is up and working.  When the year is up, you will receive a reminder that it's time to decide whether you want to continue for another year.  
 It's as easy as that... Thanks for being a supporter of Brevard Art News.

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