Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Strawbridge Art League Vision 2014 Show opened last night at the Art Gallery of Viera

Best of Show - Susan Martin - In the Midst

Congratulations to all in the show and to those who won awards.  They are:

Best of Show  Susan Martin   "In the Midst"
(Gold Award)  Laura Kucharyson   "First Light"
(Silver Award)  Anna Jo Vahle  "Snowbirding"
BWS Award  Witha Lacuesta  "Dance - Harp Harmony "
CBAA Award  Meike Aton  "One Red One"
AGoV Award  Barbara Burkhardt  "The Uninvited"
TAL Award  Ranjana Bacrania  "Who Lives There?"

Matthew Livsey  "Ancient Japan"
Elizabeth Kaufmann  "Tab de Jue Francais"
Sue Tully  "Going Home"
Richard Winslow  "Castaway Park"
Andrea McKoy  "Elvis And Yellow"
Sue Tully  "Statuesque"
Betsey Bohmer  "Cypress Tree"
Anna Jo Vahle "Little Green Heron" 

Please stop by the  Art Gallery of Viera at the Avenue in Viera to view the show.  

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