Friday, February 7, 2014

Fifth Avenue Art Gallery Welcomes New Members: Barbara Derosiers and Phyllis Shiplet

The Fifth Avenue Art Gallery is pleased to welcome two new artists into the gallery; Barbara Desrosiers and Phyllis Shipley.

Centering by Barbara Derosiers
 Barbara's aim is to make visible invisible influences.  Her aim is to create work that defies time as linear and suggests that it is all one, ancient and modern technology walking hand in hand.  She incorporates her digital art with encaustic, combining one of the oldest forms of art with one of the newest. She also currently paints in pure encaustic, creating images which are reflective of sacred geometry.

All Spice by Phyllis Shiplet
Phyllis states that she has been involved in the arts throughout my life, first in music then in painting. She is married and has raised two sons while teaching music. She was in the business world for many years, then found painting.  It became her driving force. She opened a gallery, participated in juried art shows, extending her studies in US, Central America and Europe, painting her inner vision paintings. Painting, for herself, is an expression of emotions. 
The Fifth Avenue Art Gallery is located in EGAD, the Eau Gallie Arts District of Melbourne, across the street from the Foosaner Art Museum. Gallery telephone number is 321 259-8261. Visit them online: and on Facebook.

 Art Work... P. Shipley   All Spice

                   B. Desrosiers, Centering

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