Friday, January 3, 2014

Value Clarifier - a great tool for every artist

Hello Artists and Artist Friends! 

Lynda Kodwyck had been wondering for years why no one had come up with a tool to help artists perceive values. Quilters have a little visualizing tool to help them perceive and match values.  A few weeks ago she decided to try to come up with something for herself. After making several prototypes she finally developed such a tool with her husband’s help – he’s the one with a workshop.  She's been using it since and   it works great!!!  So, now she is making it available to artists. 

About the Value Clarifier from Lynda


What is it?  The Value Clarifier is a great tool I use to view my subjects and my work in simple values. It eliminates the confusion that the color we love so much can cause when assessing values and determining balance and composition. It helps me to make better value choices while painting in the field and to make better value adjustments when reviewing my work back in the studio. It is also a compositional aid.

How to use your Value Clarifier:  Just hold it up and view your subjects (figures, portraits, still lifes, plein air, photos, etc.) through it.  Then, study your art work through it to determine if your values are “on” by seeing if your values in your painting or drawing correspond to those in your subject matter and to help determine if, compositionally, your values are working as you want them to. (As with the quilting tool, the Value Clarifier does not work with reds)!

There is a cross scribed on it – which helps you position your Clarifier from subject viewing to viewing your work. The centered cross is also a good reminder about keeping objects un-centered and making sure horizons and objects are not being placed along a centered horizontal or vertical axis on your format.

Sizes:  7” x 5” - smaller for more portable for use in the field and

         10” x 8” - for studio use.

She has individual prices for each of the sizes and a special price when you buy both. Contact her regarding pricing.  

Other multiples:  Please call or email for quotes


Call me: Lynda Kodwyck   603.738.7228  or email

to order and pay by check or credit card

Or, order and pay through my website: 

It is also available at  EXPRESSIONS of Local Art, 307 Ocean Ave; Beach, FL 32951


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