Friday, January 24, 2014

"Night at the Movies" presented by Strawbridge Art League and Melbourne Municipal Band

Call for artists! "Night at the Movies" The Strawbridge Art League and Gallery is pairing with the Melbourne Municipal Band for this event. Plan to attend on February 19th or 20th. This concert has over 1200 people in attendance! A great opportunity to meet and greet local patrons, sell your work, and check out props from over 10 Hollywood Movies!

We are asking for Hollywood related works of art in any form of media. Artwork must be less than 40'' a side. Bring an easel to display your 2-D work. Art must be framed or gallery wrapped. All 3-D art must be able to be lifted by one person. Children attend this event, so please keep that in mind when creating your work.

One $100 prize that will be given at the intermission on the final night of the concert. We will also offer a piece of artwork to be raffled off the second night of the concert. A sign up sheet for which night you plan to attend will be available at Take-In. Entry fee is $15 for the first piece and $10 for second and $5 for each additional. The show will be juried so bring in your best work. The Take-In will be held at 2011 Melbourne Ct. Melbourne FL on Monday, February 17th from 12-4PM and 6-8PM.

-- Photograph of "Indiana Jones" impersonator by Leala Dunn

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