Thursday, November 7, 2013


When local artists Carmen Beecher (link  and Cindy Michaud (link started working on their national Mystery Build project, they promised us a peek when the competition closed.  Now, you not only get a "peek" but a chance to help them out as they fight for the "People's Choice Award."  Just go to for a chance to see the video of their work and cast 5 stars as your vote.  They are #2, "Thar She Blows."

Mystery Build is a competition involving an annual theme and a box of materials.  You may only use the materials contained in the box shipped to you but how you use them is limited only by your imagination.  Each year a different subject is chosen and for 2013 it was "recreate a work of art." Defining "work of art" was left to the participants so Beecher-Michaud chose Herman Melville's masterpiece Moby Dick.  Using just what was sent they did a 3D enactment of the final scene in the famous novel. 

You may vote daily up to 5 stars a day.  What a great way to help a fellow Brevard artist bring home some bacon ($1500.00 cash) and garner bragging rights for our area. So vote right now, and again tomorrow and then again..... They thank you and thank you!

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