Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kathleen Lowerre - Feathrued artist for December at Art Gallery of Viera

Art Gallery of Viera is proud to present their Featured Artist for December
Kathleen Lowerre

Kathleen Lowerre was born  in Miami, Florida. Like her mother, she is  artistic. Her mother used to tell her to put how she felt into her art. To make it a part of herself, her designs come from her soul. 
Abstract art is her niche, and everyone takes something different from every piece. Most of her work takes a few months, 3 or 4, to complete, but some take only a few weeks. At the moment, she lives with her husband and her two kids. Her children are her greatest achievements. If it weren't for them and her husband, all their encouragement and helpful criticism, she says she is the only one would would see her artwork. 

The New Era of Fine Art in Viera

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