Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Awards fo All That Art... Currently at the King Center

1st place         Lynda Kodwyck

2ND                Terezia Csori

3RD                Mary H. Antes           

 4TH CAFOB Choice            Denice vanWardenburg

Jeanne Painter Johnson     "Country Road"
Scott C. Hatch     "Hiding in the Cat Tails"
Yvette Whitmore     "Turtle Jammin'"
G. Ten Eyck Hunt     “ DIizzy's Sunbath”
Anne Stetzer     "For Rent"
Robyn Maus     "Dam at the Beach"
Donna MIller     "Jelly Buddies"
John Cielukowsky     "Skee Ball"
Deb Pettigrew "Granpa Cat"
Barbara Burnhardt     "Never More"

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