Saturday, September 28, 2013

Featured Artist for October at Art Gallery of Viera: Maria Reyes Laughlin

Maria is the daughter of esteemed Venezuelan artist Raúl Reyes. As a young child Maria started learning basic art techniques from her father, just as her older brothers and sisters had.However she was the only one of her siblings that pursued art beyond those basics. At the age of fourteen she started an apprenticeship with her father that lasted for ten years.He held her to a higher standard that anyone else who worked as an apprentice with him. Under his tutelage she developed a mastery of the techniques that he used as well as a mastery of colors. 
"I love art that is fun, and full of life. That love is the heart of my technique. I take moments of simple beauty and bring them to life with vivid colors, wire and metal accents, and brilliant gloss finishes. I find inspiration in everything around me, and once I have the vision in my head I can’t rest until its on wood, just as vibrant and fun as it was in my mind," Maria says.

"A portion of every piece of art that I sell goes to a charity, normally it is one that supports Autistic children, but I have worked with a few others as long as it is a good cause for children in need.

While living in South Florida I worked with:
• The Miami Children’s Hospital, • The Dan Marino Center, and
• The Ricky Martin Foundation."

Maria recently hosted a black tie art event to benefit Nana's house charity, the event was a huge help to the charity as it led new donors that will allow them to give a home to more children.
The New Era of Fine Art in Viera

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