Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Strawbridge Art League

The Strawbridge Art League is proud to announce that the art from Florida 500 art show (take in last March) is at the last exhibity location in the Mayor's Gallery at Orlando's City Hall. Luis M. Martinez recently tweeted a picture of the display online https://twitter.com/lmartinez3575/status/354326810152038400/photo/1

Many of Brevards local artists are in this show including, but not limited to, Best of Show winner, Elizabeth Kaufmann, Anna Jo Vahle, Nancy Dillon, Leala Dunn, Dave Kaufmann, Diana Beacham and many more. This display is open and available to the public til the end of September. More photographs are on their website http://salnews625.wix.com/strawbridgeartleague#!florida-500-years/cqdd

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