Saturday, August 17, 2013

Healing Ceilings...

Carol Schiff has written a wonderful story about an art project that is making a difference.  Please visit her blog and read all about it. Feel free to contact her if you would like more information. AmyJo Edwards started this project in Raleigh, North Carolina, and many have joined in.

Rather than reading about it here.  Please go to Carol's blog and read all about it and see samples of the artwork.

Thanks Carol for sending this in.

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  1. What a blessing Carol and all her Pieces of Eight painting partners have been to hundreds and hundreds of cancer patients! The prayers in paint they created for Healing Ceilings have been showering cancer patients for a year now with healing beauty and visual peaceful escape. Art Heals! The love in the heart of the artist flows into the image and the beautiful image of nature's visual sanctuary brings the patient peace, calm and an understanding that they are not alone, the artist is with them during those long hours of treatment. They are loved, they escape into the meditative imagery and for a few moments are "away" from cancer, away from the anxiety and pain... and they relax, they breathe, they feel the love and they heal...Share some love and beauty with others and see the miracles work before your eyes. Carol Schiff and over a hundred other artists have and the love given has returned to all ten-fold. Peace. amy jo