Saturday, August 31, 2013

Battered Doors Tell Stories of Battered Lives

Titusville, FL - In a first--of--its--kind, groundbreaking exhibit, StoneFire Art Gallery will tell the haunting and often gut--‐wrenching accounts of community members left behind in the ongoing mortgage meltdown. Through its new show, “Kick ‘Em to the Curb” nearly 100 local artists have cleverly utilized the outside face of old doors to create a wide variety of unforgettable and stark imagery portraying the overwhelming sense of struggle, loss and fear that follows families like a dark cloud when the threat of repossession and homelessness hangs over them. “Doors as metaphor represent so many aspects of our culture including feeling welcomed and safe through an open door, transitioning through the door to a sense of something new or the dark mystery of what might be behind the door” said Maxine Trainer, artist, gallery owner and community leader. She went on to observe that, “The people most affected by the loss of their homes have experienced  the ultimate rejection and exclusion of a slammed door.”

In order to provide a platform for truth telling and  empowerment, former home owners will have the rare opportunity to write their stories on the inside face of the door that has been painted black  like a chalkboard. They  can provide a clear first--‐hand account of what it is like to try to desperately hold on and then eventually be made to let go. “It’s only human nature to want to forget the recession and all the problems that went  along with it. The local media has focused on home prices on the rise and generating new tourist income” remarked Trainer. “The reality is that many people are still struggling and, like an onion, we are simply peeling back the layers to reveal what is at the core. Those who are willing to tell their stories should be commended for their resilience and courage to speak up. They’ve certainly become Phoenix--‐like in rising from the ashes to doggedly search for hope beyond the next door. The rest of us have a  lot to learn  from these people if we are willing to listen and observe.”

The public is invited and highly encouraged to view the cutting edge exhibit from October 5th to October 12th at StoneFire Art Gallery and Studios, 2500 S. Washington Titusville, where the doors will be arranged in a unique labyrinth. There will be a special evening of performance art on October 5th that includes music, lightshows and one--act plays.

StoneFire Art Gallery offers a wide variety of art classes for children and adults. Check the website for additional information
StoneFire Art Gallery and Studios
2500 S. Washington Ave.
Titusville, Fl. 32780

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