Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Guide to Painting Outdoors... a class with Alex Stankiewicz

A GUIDE TO PAINTING OUTDOORS  is a new class offered at the Foosaner Art Museum with Alex Stankiewicz as the teacher.

Tuesdays 5–8 p.m. from August 19 to September 27 (The start of this class may be delayed a week, so please call or visit online if interested). 

 (The Foosaner Art Museum is offering  $20 off any evening class in Painting or Drawing with the coupon code 20RFEC. Use the code when registering online.)

Schedule: click here...

Statement from Alex: I like to paint outdoors because it connects me to art on several levels. I think decorating a canvas requires a pleasing arrangement of shapes and color. Nature offers an endless source of subjects and ideas.I also like to be close to land where I live. Art appreciation plus life appreciation is the sum of painting outdoors.

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