Wednesday, May 22, 2013

News from Cuba Gallery of Fine Art

Legal Travel to Cuba

Cuba Gallery of Fine Art
People-to-People Educational Exchange Tours to Cuba
Fine and Performing Art Tour of Havana
Next tour:  October 18-23, 2013.  
If you’ve ever wanted to go to Cuba, now is the time, as a citizen ambassador.

“People to People Educational Exchange Tours” is an initiative that allows US citizens to travel legally to Cuba to participate in educational activities while offering direct engagement with the Cuban people.  Cuba Gallery of Fine Art of Brevard County offers this highly rewarding experience of meaningful exchange with, in particular, Havana’s fine and performing artists in their homes and studios.   

We have 15 years of experience traveling in Cuba.  We limit our tours to a cozy 12 persons.  Because of a global interest in Cuba and the vagaries of travel within the country, there is a pressure to plan further in advance than in normal travel situations.  So book early to secure your place.
For more information and application, contact Marjorie Pravden:  321-729-8800 or   OFAC People-to-People License #CT-2012296579-1

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