Friday, April 5, 2013

Mark Feldner April Exhibit at Melbourne Public Library

Mark Feldner, sandblast artist extraordinaire, has created carved resin, granite, rock, and brick pieces as well as fine etched and carved glass for 25 years now.  His beautiful work can be seen during the month of April in a showcase of the front lobby at Melbourne Public Library, located at 540 E. Fee Avenue, down the street from the Melbourne Auditorium.  Hours:  Monday 9-8 pm, Tuesday 9-5 pm, Wednesday 9-8 pm, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday 9-5 pm, Sunday1-5 pm.  Artwork is for sale through the artist.  For more information e-mail or call him at 772-571-8909.   

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  1. I have several pieces of Mark's art and some etched glass. Mark and his wife June took a plain glass top table and etched my favorite design. It is beautiful and the comments and apprecation for this piece has been amazing. I look forward to collecting many pieces.