Saturday, March 23, 2013

Titusville Art League’s 49th Annual Spring Show winners

Congratulations to the winners of awards at the Titusville Art Leagues" 49th Annual spring Show

Best in Show:  Mindy Z. Colton  for “Florida Cracker”


Oil, Acrylic, & Oil Pastel
1st Place: Lee Kasten for “Sunset”
2nd Place:  Brian Wallace for “Daybreak”
3rd Place: Bill Green for “Benny”
Merit awards: Rosemary Daley for “Gram’s Tureen
                        Linda Krupp for “A Moment in Time”

1st Place: Jea Jea Tremble for “Green is Beautiful”
2nd Place: Barbara Burkhardt for “Rigging”
3rd Place: Lynn HamiltonTweed for “Green Vista”
Merit awards: Kathie Benson for “Female Florida Scrub Jay”
                       Lynn Foster for “Pots a Pleanty”
                       Jea Jea Tremble for “Smooth Landing”
                       Diane DeShong Cannon for “My Pink Cadillac”
                       Diane DeShong Cannon for “Greenhouse Guests”

1st Place: Deb Pettigrew for “Lingering”
2nd Place: Connie Allen for “After the Storm”
3rd Place: Pam Mitchell for “Tiger Eyes”
Merit award: Paula Phelps for “Spring Fling”

Mixed Media
1st Place: Barbara Burkhardt for “The Zone”
2nd Place: Debbie Price for “Florida Sealife”
3rd Place: Tim Darnell for “Pikesley Row”
Merit award: Bonnie Ross for “Silent Winter”

Digital and Photography
1st Place: Andy Sokol for “Last Lift”
2nd Place: Heidi Thamert for “Tools of the Trade”
3rd Place: Robert Hill for “Passing Storm”
Merit award: Dale Nichols for “My Little Friend”

1st Place: Frank Gant for “Drake Gadwall”
2nd Place: Candida Thorpe for “Oh My Gourd!”
3rd Place: Jeanne Painter Johnson for “Time and Distance”

Colored Pencil, Pen and Ink, and Graphite
1st Place: Connie Allen for “Arcadian Gable”
2nd Place: Joyce Luther for “Beach @ Xcaret, Mexico”
3rd Place: Connie Allen for “Reflections”

Thanks to Helen Wheatley for sending in this report.

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