Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Greg Nielsen - Art Gallery of Viera Featured Artist for April 2013

The Sentinel by Greg Nielsen
From Greg Nielsen:

This spring I've been doing a few art festivals while the weather is sometimes nice for getting outside. The most recent show being in Lake Wales. what's nice about the art shows is that you get instant feedback - some people just walk by shaking their heads, mumbling half-way under their breath - “My 5 year old could do that” - but those who make the effort to really look, whether at my work or anyone else's, often see something that grabs their attention and makes them think back to some experience or destination from their past or just simply sparks their imagination a little and makes their life just a little tiny bit better. That's what it's all about! - whether at an art festival or in a gallery where people come in because they appreciate art I'd like to be able to paint and produce art all the time - that's kind of impractical - one - our house would be overflowing with paintings. My wife can only integrate so many paintings into our house and each time I add one she rearranges the house. Two - maybe when you are limited in the amount of time you can do something it becomes more special. I don't know, anyway, there's never enough time to do the art, the art festivals, framing, internet, oh yeah - work, walk the dog, blah, blah, blah......

Greg Nielsen, artist, architect      407-628-5664      architects2@embarqmail.com

The New Era of Fine Art in Viera

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