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APRIL 2013

“Creative Restlessness” is what you see in Barbara’s approach to her paintings.  She is always looking for a different approach, texture or medium to give the audience something new to view.  Barbara Rios’ “It’s Raining Color” exhibit is the current collection by the artist on display at Art and Antique Gallery that she joined last November.  Her goal is to use color that makes one say “Wow!”

Creativity began early for Barbara, having been brought up in an artistic family.  As a teenager, she used charcoal to draw portraits of her boyfriends and relatives.  She remembers her first training where she responded to a “Draw Me” ad in the back of a magazine in 1973.  She progressed while working for Bendix at Kennedy Space Center where she did a drawing depicting the first lunar rover landing that was used on the Bendix Apollo 15 space envelope.  She took lessons from the late Charlotte Griffin where live models were used in the classes as well as in sculpture classes taken at what is now the Foosaner Educational Center.  Retiring 6 years ago gave her time to use her creative side with oil, but after she could no longer stand the smell she turned to watercolor and has not stopped.  Her painting style has been representational, but her willingness to experiment with new techniques, textures, mediums and styles has resulted in a wide variety of art work.  She enjoys sharing her creativity by holding workshops on using “found objects” to create textures and added interest in paintings.  Membership in the Brevard Watercolor Society for four years has been very fulfilling for Barbara.  Meeting and painting with other artists, attending workshops, displaying her artwork and volunteering.  She is currently Vice President and Membership Chairperson.  Barbara has won numerous awards and has been featured on local magazine covers

Reception:                 Friday Art Walk – April 5 – 5:30 – 8:30pm
Where:                       Art and Antique Gallery – 1419 Highland Ave.
Phone:                       321-253-5553 – Free admission –Refreshments served

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