Friday, February 1, 2013

Last Chance to Sign UP for Tom Jones Workshop

Last Chance to Sign Up for Tom Jones Workshop at the Art Gallery of Viera

Tom holds nothing back as he teaches you a simple and easy approach to a beautiful, exciting and successful watercolor painting experience.

Tom Jones is a painter who possesses such power that by dipping his brushes in colored water only he gives us the feeling of being before nature itself. Master of his craft, he obtains extremely difficult
effects such as moving our soul at the sight of a beam of sunlight piercing through the foliage of the forest. That is magic; that is a great painter."

February 15th Demonstration
February 16 - 17th Workshop
To register contact Susan at or call the gallery at 321-504-4343
To see more of Tom’s incredible work go to

Art Gallery of Viera ~ 2261 Town Center Avenue Suite 111, ~ Viera
FL 32940
321-405-4343 ~ www.artgalleryof viera

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