Saturday, February 23, 2013

Art Business Workshops with Renee Griffith

Jump Start Your Art Business Workshops Begins February 27th

Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
 Workshops by Rene Griffith, Artist and Photographer

355 Miami Avenue, Indialantic, FL  32903

Phone: (321) 676-1956 • Email:
$20 per workshop
Please call or email to register before each class.

Workshop Schedule
 (Held on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. At 355 Miami Avenue, Indialantic, FL)

Getting Focused
Understand How Clutter Affects Your Art Making
How Clutter Affects Your Marketing Efforts
Do You Want a Life as an Artist?
How do You Declutter Your Life?
Starting and Keeping an Idea Journal

Jump Start Your Art Career
Setting Goals for Yourself and Your Artwork
Writing a Plan for Your Art Business—Your Roadmap!
Creating Action Items to Achieve Your Goals

Building Your Business: One Item at a Time
Creating Your “Elevator Speech”
Your Business Card: Don’t Leave Home Without It
Putting Together Your Resume
Writing Your Artist Statement
Writing a Mission Statement for Your Business
Writing Your Bio

Organizing Your Art Business
Scheduling Your Time
Getting and Staying Organized
Simple Bookkeeping Methods
Keeping Tax Records
Keeping Inventory of Your Art

Protecting and Documenting Your Artwork

Copyrighting Your Artwork and Photography
Giving Your Work Titles and ID Numbers
Creating a Database of Your Artwork
Legal Forms and Contracts

Your Responsibilities as a Business Owner
Necessary Computer Skills
Your Responsibilities as an Artist
Putting Your Best Foot Forward
The Art of Sales: Learning How to Sell

Part I--Developing Your Marketing Plan
Making Yourself Accountable
Defining Your Market
Developing Your Marketing Plan

Part II--Building Your Customer Base
Who Are Your Customers and Where Do You Find Them?
Develop a Database of Prospective Customers
Using an Email Marketing Program
Social Media
Writing a Blog
50 Blogging Topics for Artists
Scheduling Your Blogs

Self-Promotion Opportunities
Developing Your Media Kit
How to Get Free Publicity
Writing a Press Release
Giving Presentations of Your Art/Your Process

Designing Your Best Marketing Tool: Your Website
Elements of a Great Website
Using a Template-Based Website
Content is King
Organizing for Easy Navigation
Photo Optimization  for Your Website
Basic SEO (search engine optimization)
Marketing Your Website

Digital Files of Your Artwork
When and Where to Photograph Your Artwork?
What Quality Photos Do You Need?
Tools You Need for Great Results
Submitting Photos to Shows, Publications, etc.

Presenting Your Artwork
Producing a Body of Gallery-Ready Work
How to Put Together a Portfolio
Where and How to Exhibit Your Art
Approaching Art Galleries
Pricing Your Work to Sell in Galleries
Joining a Co-op Gallery
Finding Alternative Places to Hang Your Work


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