Thursday, February 21, 2013

Robert Lewis' Paintings of Nostalgic Florida

February 4 - 24 in the Harris Corporation Art Gallery at the King Center for the Performing Arts

Free - Opet to the public on February 21st from 4pm to 7pm

The colorful paintings of Highwaymen artist, Robert Lewis will be on display at the Harris Corporation Art Gallery of the Maxwell C. King Center lobby from February 4th through February 24th. The exhibit can be viewed by ticketed patrons attending King Center main stage events. His exhibit will be open to the public on Thursday, February 21st from 4pm -7pm. Mr. Lewis will be performing a live demonstration during the evening.

 In the early 1950s through the 1980s a group of twenty-six African-American artists painted beautiful landscapes that displayed the serene, undeveloped Florida landscape of their time.  Today these artists are known as the "Florida Highwaymen" and because of the tranquil scenes and history involved, their original paintings are highly demanded by collectors and enthusiasts. 

Robert Lewis is one of those men.  Lewis uses an imaginative color palette where colorful skies take center stage amongst lush greenery.  Trees are also a prominent feature of many paintings of his work. On his older paintings, the palms often curve and lean.  On his newer works the trees are more refined and often appear to be a place of timelessness in an ever-changing landscape. His newer pieces also tend to display wildlife, especially coastal birds. “His personal theme is to capture Florida as art history on canvas before it disappears.”

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