Wednesday, January 16, 2013

News from Suzanne Frank

Sent in by Suzanne Frank.
I am Suzanne Parisien Frank, a sculpture artist. Like some artists, just before I awake a vision appears. Then it's off to my studio where my hands dig into the clay until the dream becomes reality. Finally the figure stands before me, quivering until the clay hardens. Delicately the form is bedded into the kiln over thousand degrees of heat metamorphosing for hours. Anxiously I wait until the kiln releases the form back to me, unbroken. It is a miracle. I exhale and like Christmas another gift is revealed .

This piece was intended to grace the wall of a client but it did not fit their decor.  “Together” was one of those pieces that I had poured my heart into and it became part of me. I wanted it to have more meaning than just a price tag or a wall hanging. 

Week after week, members of my Rotary Club had witnessed Beth, one of our dear members go through the tortures of breast cancer. Touched by her courage and determination, I had to do something. I raffled “Together.” For months I sold tickets to anybody interested in helping the cause for cancer. By December I had enough money for a significant donation towards the cancer awareness cause and now it was time for the raffle. 
The winner was Dr. Antony Cantanese, president of F.I.T. I delivered “Together” to his office. To my surprise the life’s frisbee was on its way back. Dr. Catanese and members of F.I.T. decided to donate the art piece to the Foosaner Art museum in Melbourne Florida. I have caught that frisbee with both hands. What a thrill that “Together” will hang in a museum, an artist's dream come true. Even better that Beth is happy and healthy today. The moral of the story is go out there and throw your frisbee.

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