Friday, November 30, 2012

Remarkable Women by Jini James

Celebrating the accomplishments of women is nothing new but visual artists do it differently.   They do it with paintings.   The project, “Remarkable Women” is the work of Melbourne artist, Jini James who specializes in portraits.

Her goal is to not only capture the subject’s likeness but also to tell a story of what they do to contribute to the community.   There is Heather, the owner of the 905 Café in downtown Melbourne who serves up home made soups and healthy lunches, a far cry from fast food and French fries.   Jini sees Heather nearly every day along with her other painting subjects.  There’s Julie, owner of the British Shop, and Sandy, owner of Sendala’s, and Kathy Meehan, the newly elected Mayor.

Each one of these women are like family, going about their days without great fanfare, greeting their public, and going the extra mile to participate in community organizations.
These four portraits are now on display at the 905 Café in downtown Melbourne.   Jini plans to paint more throughout the year and to work on a small book describing the process of becoming a “Remarkable Woman”.

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