Monday, December 17, 2012

Dirty Dozen Fiber Artists Featured at King Center

"Reconciliation" by Ellen Lindner.
Bold graphic designs, realistic pictorials, and monochromatic abstracts are just some of the striking pieces that will be showcased during the upcoming “A New Look at Fiber Art,” exhibit, in Melbourne.  Featuring the work of the Dirty Dozen Fiber Artists, the exhibit will be on display at the Harris Gallery of the Maxwell C. King Center lobby from January 7th through February 4th, and will be on view during all King Center events.
As a painter uses paint, so do the members of the Dirty Dozen Fiber Artists use fabric.  They cut and place it to create dynamic compositions.  Along the way these artists may also scrunch it, tear it, burn it, weave it, foil it, paint it, stitch it, or glue it.  But they don’t limit their materials to just fabric.  Paper, window screening, plant material, beads, and plastics also find their way into their imaginative works of art.  They frequently employ quilt-making techniques as they combine these elements.
The twelve members of the Dirty Dozen Fiber Artists consistently win awards with their pieces.  And, although their membership includes several fiber art professionals, this group is not focused on credentials or acclaim.   Instead, their goal, as one member states, “is to simply play with fabrics and learn from one another.”  This spirit of play fosters lots of creativity, which is clearly evident in the resulting artwork.

The Dirty Dozen Fiber Artists are Barbara Bilbo, Jill Brown, Peggy Horsfield, Elizabeth King, Andrea Luliak, Ellen Lindner, Bev O’Connell, Dij Pacarro, and Ruth Anne Parker.

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